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CircuitBored.Com is intended to spark constructive DEBATE on issues that have large-scale impacts (local, state, country, world-wide). Simple ideas, negativity, closed mindedness, and ego are not encouraged here.

Suggestions come from opinions that you have, based on your view of the world. You post the issue and your view of the problem's resolution. Other great minds assemble here to respond and add CONSTRUCTIVELY to the problem's resolution.

Revolutionary new opinions and ideas, though they may require brutal honesty and hard work, are all welcome here with open arms.

For information, or to suggest a topic, you can contact us at info[at]circuitbored.com

We all have moments of clarity where we make a decision that leads to positive success. It doesn't happen at just one point but many, and it isn't able to be applied just one time, but all the time. Too often we don't document these ideas in an organized and legible to inspire others. Its hard to document those sparks during a busy day or when you're knee deep in decision making, or working hard to find a way to make a living.

Right now, worldwide economies have suffered like never before, with man made and natural disasters. Income inequality is at an all-time high. In times like these, innovative ideas and decisions become crucial to re-emerging from crisis. It is often said that "Millionaires are made out of the worst economies", but I would like to believe that ignoring material aspects of success and physical possessions, in the worst economies and situations "The best people rise to the occasion". We can create new ideas here that balance scales for countries, cities, communities, and individuals. We can also cure diseases, educate each other, create friendships, and save lives with these ideas.

This site is about open source knowledge.

Bring your discussions here.

This site is for scholars, students, and curious people to find accurate and functional answers to problems.

This site is about answering questions you've always had.

This site is about making the world a better place to live.

This site is about defining SUCCESS in YOUR BUSINESS and combining it with ETHICAL BALANCE.

What makes a "good" person? Its not for me to dictate or decide, but here are my opinions from what I've observed so far -.

We at [CircuitBored.Com] personally believe that in order to sustain long-term success, one needs to maintain a high standard of motivation, ethics, discipline, and education. 

In addition to corruption, not keeping true to your goals and dreams in life can affect your motivation. For example, think of the last wedding you attended. Did people cry? Were they all tears of joy? Or tears of sadness? Don't get me wrong, Weddings are great! I love to see people getting married, but I think at times some of the crying population is crying not be cause they're jealous, but because they think back on their own lives and think about their own experiences when they see others in a great moment. When you look into your past, I am sure there are some negative experiences, and some positive experiences. I hope the positives far outweigh the negatives for all of you. Motivation in this definition is based on drawing upon positive experiences [from your life and from those around you] to drive you forward to bigger accomplishments. In order to achieve success, you have to maintain and find motivation from many sources, but the largest motivator for me is success. And you can't find success unless you're ready to put the concept of failure in perspective.

For this site, we'll also analyze how people emerged from failure to succeed, The greatest feat at times can be recovering from negative experiences. This site will be dedicated to constructive and positive idea generation, and motivating examples of generating success in life. This site sets out to document and highlight individual cases of success in decision making, to pool valuable human knowledge about a wide range of important subjects, and it will serve as a repository for things that inspire all of us towards positive success. We hope you take part in the discussion.